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Robert Mazerolle
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3 Sisters (bronze, gold and silver)
Spring 2009
On-wall installation
A study of cleavage tension.

8 feet x 15 feet
Tensioned Styrene strips embracing 3 pairs of circular breast constructions (18” dia.) made of stretched reflective Spandex textile, mounted on plywood.

Triptych consisting of a 3 installed assemblages occupying (ideally) an installation perimeter of 30” x 84”.

These 3 executions deal with tension & form, inspired by the many cleavage lines one sees in the wild. ( I do indeed have 3 sisters: Josette, Yvel and Francine).

The motivation for this installation was a conversation with my very conceptual wife, Teresa Di Cairano, who often suggested that my line sketches were interesting and should be exhibited. Dilema: how do you sculpt a line? My solution is Olympic in nature. So the 3 sisters became bronze, gold and silver, in the usual ‘podium’ arrangement. Upon second thought- maybe I should have positioned the gold sister a little higher. Ah well, next time...at your place!

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