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Robert Mazerolle
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French Kiss
Summer 2009
Size: 30 x 48”
limited series of 8

Textile wall hanging / construction Stretched Spandex on plywood support. Additional materials include expanded foam (hidden from view).

This is a departure from the rest of the series- but after all- what is a breast unkissed? So in my mind- it complements the series. Having a giant set of lips in your room, lobby, hallway or office- now that’s a distinctive statement. So go ahead and get one!

In an interesting installation at my solo show in Miami (Wynwood Arts/Design District) recently, this piece was installed on rubber bands on the ceiling. A reflection pool consisting of a tray lined with a submerged mirror was positioned squarely below it, on the floor. Micro vibrations of the viewers (passer-bys) animates the suspended lips - and also stimulates small waves in the reflection pool. The participatory effect was a crowd pleaser, as one gets a slight vertigo effect upon viewing the lips through the diffracted reflection (looking down). This faithfully reproduces the ‘out of time’ experience - that first time we accept the approach of the object of our love with a willingness to kiss as the French do!

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