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Robert Mazerolle
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Milk & Honey
Summer 2009
Size: 24 x 48”
limited series of 8

Textile wall hanging / construction. Stretched polyester felt on plywood support, with galvanized steel funnel appliqués with gooseneck drain hoses.

Additional materials include industrial metal parts and expanded foam, wood elements and vinyl extruded trim (hidden from view). Mounted onto wood frame.

Milk and Honey makes a comment on that universal desire to remain suckled - in one way or another. Interpretations by viewers of this piece have so far varied tremendously, and the irony isn’t lost on anyone.

Additionally- the sinuous form appears luscious, docile, warm, loud or quiet- depending on how it’s lit or the focal point of wall it finds itself upon. This ability to ‘feel different’ depending on the exhibition context makes it a fun piece to ‘place’.

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