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Robert Mazerolle
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Money Maker
Spring 2009
Size: 36 x 48”
limited series of 8

A monument to gold diggers. A nice set is just like “money in the bank” for some ladies. The trick is to accumulate the benefits- that’s what a handbag is for! The purse is so much more than a purse. It can never be merely useful- that would be a bag. A purse is never a bag. A purse is a statement. Every fashion house knows it. Every woman knows it. Enfin, a purse is a symbol. It broadcasts – or signifies- status, intention, personality and much more. I expect I will be creating many more such sculptures, as the possibilities for creating and interpreting meaning are so deep.

In fact- one could say that purses are containers of meaning. At my big solo exposition in Miami (in the Wynwood Arts / Miami Design district) – This piece was a hit! After all –the location is adjacent to the natural habitat of the gold digger - the notorious hormone jungle of South Beach!

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