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Robert Mazerolle
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Summer 2009
Size: 60 x 48”
limited series of 8

Textile wall hanging / construction Stretched holographic Spandex on plywood support.

Additional materials include industrial Plastic and metal parts and expanded foam (hidden from view) mounted upon plywood.

They may be wall mounted or suspended from above- Calder style. This is a double install, and offers many great opportunities for creative lighting, owing to highly reflective surfaces.

Of course- the enchantment of the legendary sirens is to drive man to ruin. The victim is willing – hence the stigma of bewitchment. My 2 beauties are inspired by my beauteous wife, Teresa - and my electrifying daughter, Isabella. They seem to me to operate as a team.

In the presence of these mighty symbols of feminine power, one develops a feeling of being slowly seduced, in a lullaby effect. And that’s about as successful as an art piece can get. So as the creator, I am supremely satisfied with the result- that of being seduced by own work. I invite you to do enjoy the same.

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